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TCT MedTech Innovation Forum

Shaping the future of global MedTech innovation through informed discussion, debate, and real-world insight.

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The COVID-19 pandemic forced many unforeseeable changes in health care and the global economy. As the world recovers from this crisis, the MedTech field faces new challenges but also unprecedented opportunities. The mission of the TCT MedTech Innovation Forum, a global assembly of major stakeholders involved in MedTech innovation is to identify, address and formulate solutions to some of the major challenges experienced by the MedTech field to date. We aim to bridge this gap by facilitating open discussion between clinicians, entrepreneurs, investors, payors, and regulators all with the goal of offering insights based on real-world data and experience.


  • To discuss the current state of the MedTech field using a multidisciplinary, data-driven approach
  • To identify and address the most pressing global healthcare challenges and formulate viable solutions by examining new interdisciplinary perspectives and emerging trends in MedTech technology innovation
  • To identify and promote some of the most promising early-stage technologies in MedTech innovation
  • To create a stimulating environment that fosters networking, strengthens collaborations, and sparks innovative ideas.
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