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Online Attendance -Limited to Only the World Connect Theater.

TCT 2022 offers free access to a livestream of content from the World Connect Theater, September 17–19, 2022, and on-demand access to the World Connect Theater for three months after the meeting adjourns. Thereafter, you can watch content from the World Connect Theater on demand with a TCTMD Gold or Platinum Membership.

Online-only attendance is not eligible for CME.


  • Chat Box — Live sessions will have a chat box where you can ask questions and interact with other participants.
  • Live and On-Demand Viewing — Easy-to-use navigation bar tells you what content is currently available live and on demand.
  • Extended Availability — Content from the World Connect Theater is available on demand for three months after the meeting adjourns.


  • Register for TCT 2022.
  • Browse the Program Guide or Program at a Glance (when they become available) to plan your viewing schedule. You can find links to these guides in the drop-down menu under PROGRAM.
  • Log in to watch September 17–19, 2022. The live broadcast schedule follows Eastern Daylight Time (UTC −4). Convert to your local time.


  • Internet connection.
  • Web or mobile browser. For the best viewing experience, use a supported browser.
  • No ad-blocking software. If you have it, please disable it, as it may interfere with the video and the chat features.


See our FAQ.

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